Atmospheric impact evaluation

Atmospheric impact evaluation studies using worlwide recommended software tools


A Lagrangian particle model for simulating the atmospheric dispersion of pollutants, coupled with the US-EPA CALMET meteorological model

Odor impact assessment

Odor impact assessment studies for any type of sources using reliable and worldwide recommended software tools

WindRose PRO

A software for analysing directional data and producing wind roses

WRF_ Browser

WRF Browser is a freeware Windows application for browsing, extracting and representing data stored in NetCDF WRF output files. It is an interface to the Unidata's netCDF-C Libraries, which must be installed on your PC.
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Thermal and acoustical impact of industrial flares

FLARES is a software for sizing industrial flares, for the evaluation of their thermal and acoustic impact, and for calculating their flue gas composition. Calculations are made according to the ANSI/API (American Petroleum Industry) Standard 521, fifth edition January 2007 (and its addendum of May 2008), ISO 23251, AP42 and US-EPA methodologies. Results can be exported in Google Earth.

WindRose PRO

Analysis and plotting of directional variables

WindRose PRO is a Windows application for analysing and plotting directional variables starting from raw data or from their frequencies. It can be used to represent wind roses, but it is also possible to represent any other directional variable.

Air quality studies

Simulation of atmospheric dispersion of pollutants

Simulation of atmospheric dispersion using models of proven validity and endorsed by governmental agencies, including CALMET/CALPUFF, AERMOD, CALINE, CAL3QHC, OCD5, SACTI. Expertise in industrial plants /road traffic / evaporative sources / fugitive sources / cooling towers / offshore platforms / accidental releases of radionuclides


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