SPEDI is a Windows application that lets you easily apply the expeditious method for the identification of risk areas in the External Emergency Planning (EEP) of industrial plants with Major Accident Risk. The methodology is based on the contents of Annex 1 of the Italian Decree of February 25, 2005. SPEDI can be used by the operators of the field belonging to the prefectures, regions and local authorities and Civil Protection dealing with emergency planning in the context of industrial risk management, as well as the operators of the establishments at risk of major accident for which there is a duty of preparing the EEP.


Some features:

  • Calculations based on the expeditious method (Annex 1 of the Italian Decree of February 25, 2005)
  • Ease of Use
  • Upload base maps in PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF formats
  • Manual georeferencing of cartographic bases
  • Automatic georeferencing in the presence of world file (e.g. *.tfw)
  • Graphic positioning of the incident location
  • Representation of the areas of risk over the cartography
  • Copy and save the graphic results
  • Exporting risk areas in KML format for Google Earth
  • Save and load configurations
  • Automatic production of a short user-editable report

From this link you can download the SPEDI user's guide.

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Yearly maintenance renewal price is Euro 15.00 or USD 19.00. It includes one year of software updates and one year of technical support. The maintenance plan is mandatory for transferring the license from a PC to another one, if needed.

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