A careful meteorological analysis is important for studying the atmospheric dispersion at a specific site. The meteorological analysis is also important in other sectors, as for example, assurances, bioarchitecture, the positioning of wind turbines, designing airport runways and other fields.

We offer a spectrum of services which range from the meteorological characterization of a site in a specific period of time (e.g. trends of precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, mixing height, plots of wind roses, plots of stability roses) to the preparation of the geographical and meteorological input for atmospheric dispersion models as AERMOD and CALMET/CALPUFF.

We have vast experience in processing complex datasets and disparate file formats, so we can integrate the information from standard repositories of data with local data that could be available for a specific project.

We can also integrate WRF model output in the meteorological input that we can prepare for you.

We have several software procedures for an effective representation of raster and vector data for an effective representation of the results.