LAPOST is the post processor of the Lagrangian particle model LAPMOD. LAPOST reads the binary output files created by LAPMOD for various variables (concentrations, depositions, particles), and analyzes them determining several statistics for concentrations and/or extracting specific temporal intervals.

LAPOST allows the user to calculate the statistics of interest for the European Directives about air quality, which has been transformed in laws within the EC countries (e.g. DM 60/2002 in Italy). However the processor is general enough to calculate statistics of interest also in non-EC countries. It is possible, for example, to calculate the average over the whole simulation period (e.g. the annual mean), the maximum 1-hour concentrations and their percentiles, the maximum 24-hour concentrations and their percentiles, and the 8-hour running average.

LAPOST allows also to determine the FIDOL parameters that are of interest in evaluating the impact of the atmospheric emissions of odorous species.

Finally, it is possible to extract 2D deposition fields for specific pollutants, or the positions of the computational particles within the domain. Particles are saved in CSV files that may easily be imported in Google Earth.