LAPMOD end-user license agreement

The LAPMOD modeling system consists of the Lagrangian particle model LAPMOD, its emission preprocessor LAPEMI, its meteorological preprocessor LAPMET and its postprocessor LAPOST. These components were developed and are property of Enviroware srl, via Dante Alighieri 142, 20863 Concorezzo MB, Italy. They are provided with a no-cost, limited-use license subject to the following restrictions:

  1. No part of the computer codes provided may be reproduced, copied, extracted, or implemented into other models or software programs or documents without the prior written permission of Enviroware srl.
  2. The computer programs contained on this site may not be distributed to others without the prior written permission of Enviroware srl.
  3. The computer programs or parts of them contained on this site may not be included in proprietary software.
  4. The computer programs or parts of them contained on this site may not be run via proprietary interfaces.
  5. Permission to modify the Fortran computer codes is granted to users with the provision that modified versions of the model codes must be provided promptly to Enviroware srl, along with appropriate written documentation and instructions for use, for possible inclusion in future revisions of the models. The use of any such user-supplied changes in future model updates is at the sole discretion of Enviroware srl. The right for unlimited distribution by Enviroware srl of any user-supplied modifications to the code and any written descriptions of the changes, and the right for unlimited use of the modified code by all users, without compensation of any kind to the user contributing the code, is agreed to by the user as part of this licensing agreement. User-supplied code accepted by Enviroware srl for use in future versions of the model will be acknowledged in the model code. Enviroware srl retains the right to modify, adapt, or extend the code modifications provided as part of this agreement.
  6. All reports, papers, or other publications involving the use or analysis of the programs, algorithms, and methods contained in the software on this site must refer to the User's Guides on this site as the primary reference for the models. Applications involving the use of modified versions of the models and associated processors will reference the User's Guides on this site and clearly state that the code was modified by the user, and will contain a description of the modifications.
  7. No part of the technical descriptions or user's instructions of the User's Guides may be reproduced without the prior written permission of Enviroware srl.
  8. It is the user's responsibility to determine if the LAPMOD modeling system is appropriate for any particular application, and the user assumes all responsibility and liability for its use. Computer codes can and do contain coding, implementation, and technical errors. The software on this site is provided "as-is", and no warranty of its suitability for any particular application is provided. Enviroware srl assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of this software.

The installation and/or use of the programs and/or the documentation on this site constitute acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

Please send me the links to download the LAPMOD modeling system (Fortran source codes, manuals, test cases).

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