Air quality studies

Evaluation of air quality due to different types of sources

The installation or modification of several industrial plants requires an Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) that often includes an assessment of the impact on air quality. Prevent or reduce air pollution from industrial plants is in fact the main aim of the EU IPPC Directive, the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (2008/1/EC).

Enviroware evaluates the impact on air quality using the right simulation software choosen among those considered as standard at international level as CALMET/CALPUFF, AERMOD, ISC3 (short term or long term), CALINE, OCD5 and many others.

Enviroware can also develop new modeling tools for specific applications and needs.

Enviroware’s expertise is proven by hundreds of air quality studies in several countries regarding industrial stacks and fugitive emissions, traffic, construction sites, flares, cooling towers, offshore platforms, landfills, waste incinerators, ships.